What is a Rebel Bean? with Julia & Shane Lee

What is a Rebel Bean?

A Conversation with Julia and Shane Lee of Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters

In our charming town of Okotoks, we sat down with the dynamic duo behind Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters: Julia and Shane Lee. As the new owners of Rebel Bean Coffee, Julia and Shane have experienced an exciting journey over the past six months. Today, we explore their story, their roles, and the unique identity of Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters.

A Dream Brewed to Reality

So, why did you buy Rebel Bean Coffee?

We both love coffee. It’s been a shared passion of ours for years. We’ve always dreamed of starting a business together, specifically something centered around coffee. When the opportunity to buy Rebel Bean came up, we couldn’t pass it up.

We’ve worked together for the past seven years, which has been crucial in helping us find success in running our own business. We spent one month shadowing the previous owners and then jumped in as owners the next month. February was intense but fun just the same.

Defining Roles and Embracing Challenges

Who does what in your business?

Shane: I’m the hands-on guy. I work with the beans and manage the roasting process. It’s a craft that I’ve really come to love.

Julia: I handle the business side of things—customer relations, paperwork, regulatory information. We found our fit early on, which helped us a lot. It’s interesting because it took Clint and Robyn two years to solidify their roles in their business. Communication has been key for us, and we’ve learned not to make assumptions about each other’s tasks.

Another important lesson was not to take on more than we can manage. It’s about finding balance and ensuring we don’t overwhelm ourselves.

The Essence of Rebel Bean

Tell us more about Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters. Why the name “Rebel Bean”?

We get our beans from all over the world—Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia. As a small batch roaster, we can offer a unique, artisanal touch. The name “Rebel Bean” comes from an interesting phenomenon. There is always one bean in every roast that simply does not roast. It’s a mystery, but it’s how our name came to be.

Our storefront is on Elizabeth Street in Okotoks, right next to Sweetgrass Deli Eatery and Hub Town Brewery. You can also order our coffee online through our website or find it in Safeway and Sobeys stores in Okotoks, Black Diamond, Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer. We offer ten different roasts, custom orders, subscription services, and wholesale options.

Connect with Rebel Bean

We love connecting with our community and coffee lovers everywhere. Visit our website at www.rebelbeancoffee.com or follow us on Instagram @rebelbeanroasters to stay updated on all things Rebel Bean.

Clint and Robyn: Thank you, Julia and Shane, for sharing your journey with us. It’s inspiring to see how passion and teamwork can brew such a successful venture. Here’s to many more cups of Rebel Bean coffee!

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a good cup of joe, Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters offers a unique experience worth exploring. Visit them in Okotoks or online and discover the rebel in every bean.

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