This is us!

Two wild souls with endless ideas!

2012 in a Las Vegas casino – enter a bright eyed 24 year old and an inspired 29 year old there to let loose. One there to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and the other just stopping in on a long road home. Fast forward to 2021, they’re married, run two companies together and have a book set to release in the fall. Wait… how did they go from one to the other?

Hi! We’re Clint and Robyn and this is our story.

Both serial entrepreneurs and seemingly unemployable at an early age, two traditional type ‘A’ personalities came together and have made a bond that is strong enough to last through the ups, downs and everything in between. What has set us apart on this journey – it’s simple – communication. We learned early on in our relationship that the key is communicating with your partner and staying consistent. This is as simple as organizing and breaking down your everyday tasks throughout the home, to breaking down and strategizing business growth and finding both your strengths and weaknesses and building from there.

Now, did this come easy – Hell No! Has it been worth it – absolutely! (remember, above we’re both type ‘A’) personalities, this makes day to day an adventure. But this is what makes life, fun and exciting!

In our blog series we plan on breaking down the step by step processes and tips that work for us and keep us thriving and seeking more.

Let us know in the comment section what you would like to know, or what questions you may have!


Clint & Robyn