The Voyage, The Vendors and the Validation

In this episode Clint and Robyn sit down with Vic and Brandy from “The Hidden Gem”. While raising a family of 6 kids, Vic and Brandy opened The Hidden Gem in Okotoks during the pandemic, followed 6 months later with a second location in Kensington.

Vic and Brandy touch on working with the town, the permit and signoff process, and to finally being able to watch their vision transform into the business they have today. Having a market style operation has allowed Vic and Brandy to “learn how to adapt to what is thrown at you” and really understand that their business is not just about growing themselves, but allowing and helping others grow as well.

We hope you enjoy Episode 6 where you learn how The Hidden Gem is not a place that just collect rents, it is a place for growth.

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