The Science Behind Success with Jayson Krause

Welcome to Business Life of Husband and Wife podcast; today, we have Jayson Krause in the bunkhouse discussing all things leadership. “Jayson Krause is a leadership strategist, author, speaker, and the founder of Level 52 – a boutique leadership and executive coaching firm with a global reach. Jayson and his team have worked with leaders and organizations from Singapore to Silicon Valley for over a decade to disrupt and accelerate a new breed of meaningful leadership.” These leadership qualities are what propelled Jayson to be a part of the Canadian national bobsled team as a pilot, competing against the best in the world.  

In this episode, the three discuss the fundamental concepts of his book, The Science Behind Success, the four pillars of leadership, which include: 

  • Mindset  
  • Influence   
  • Culture   
  • Performance   

“As a leader, it is your job to sell your vision to your employees and customers, whether you are in sales or not. When we feel valued, we express ourselves more; we feel like we belong, so many businesses don’t use command and control.”

 This is just a taste of what is involved in this episode and not to mention Jayson’s radio voice is very smooth. Don’t forget if you like what you hear, please share, like, and subscribe. Enjoy  

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