The Process of Building a YouTube Video

On the Business Life of Husband and Wife Podcast, expert guest Benjamin Delgrosso discusses all things YouTube video creation.   

Benjamin mentions that when you start your channel, you will make mistakes, and you will mess it up, but the ones that will get better at Youtube are those who will screw it up but learn from it.  He also advises you to watch what others are doing in the industry, look at what all your competitors are doing, and then ask yourself, how can I put my spin on it?  Unfortunately, too many people are building a YouTube Channel and selling instead of educating.    

Here is a list of essential items to get you started with your YouTube Channel    

Cheap microphone (you can check out Amazon)   

Ring light (check out Costco)   



The program that he uses is EpocCamPro which is free   

You might only get a few views when you start your YouTube Channel.  So don’t get discouraged, it will suck initially, but you are learning and practicing.  He also suggests using CapCut – Video Editor; it’s so good and free.   

The three also discuss how to grow your ad and what chapters are.  “Video Chapters break up a video into sections, each with an individual preview.  Video chapters add info and context to each portion of the video and let you easily rewatch different parts.  Creators can add their videos or rely on automatic video chapters for each uploaded video.”   

“They also talked about thumbnails.  You may have heard the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  A video thumbnail is your viewer’s first impression of your video.  A great video thumbnail can mean the difference between thousands of views and just a few.”

This episode is packed with loads of tips and tricks; when starting your YouTube Channel, you will want to grab a pen and paper and take notes and may have to listen to it a few times to get all the valuable information.  We hope that you enjoy the episode and gain some value.  If you like what you hear, please like, share, and subscribe to help us grow.   

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