The Power of Collaboration

Do you work from home? Are you distracted and feel unproductive? If the answer is yes then this episode is for you. 

Today on the podcast we have Mark and Kerri Ann from The Corner Coworking. The Corner Coworking “offers shared and private office space as well as warehouse space, for new and growing local businesses.” It’s geared towards “startups and individuals, established companies and teams looking to work in a professional environment around other motivated businesses and business owners.” 

The four dive into a great conversation about how The Corner Coworking started, what it’s all about, expansion, and opening a new location in Okotoks. And possibly expanding to other communities. They discuss how working from home can often be difficult with all the distractions and that working in a coworking environment may be very beneficial for an individual and businesses and owners. It’s a different energy than a traditional working environment but often increases production which is the desired outcome. So, seat back and listen and enjoy. Don’t forget if you like what you hear please share, like and subscribe.   


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