The Enneagram In Depth With Evan Dewald

In this week’s podcast episode, Clint & Robyn bring back Enneagram Coach Evan Dewald to dive into the next layer within the Enneagram personality typing system that can help us better understand ourselves and others. Specifically, the trio discuss why we often look for growth when we are either inspired or desperate, and how the Enneagram can be a useful tool for personal development in these moments and how we can use the tools we learn to better understand our teams as business owners.

Firstly, they discuss what Evan has been up to with his coaching business and what he has coming up for you guys to join and be apart which is his Group Coaching! Then they dive into at its core, the Enneagram, which is a tool for understanding different personality types and the motivations behind our behaviors. It consists of nine types, each with its own unique set of traits, strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. By identifying our Enneagram type, we can gain insight into our core fears and desires, as well as our unconscious patterns of behavior that may be holding us back.

Once they cover the nine basic personality types, and talk about their own numbers, Robyn being a 3 , Clint being an 8 and Evan being a 7 and each with their own unique patterns of behavior, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. The conversation than transitions to what the Enneagram also recognizes, the three basic instincts that influence our behavior: self-preservation, social, and sexual (also known as one-to-one).

The self-preservation instinct is the most basic and fundamental of the three, and it is focused on our survival and well-being. Those who are dominated by this instinct tend to be concerned with their physical safety and security, as well as their material needs and resources. They may be frugal, practical, and cautious in their approach to life, and they often value stability and predictability.

The social instinct is focused on our relationships with others and our sense of belonging to a group or community. Those who are dominated by this instinct tend to be outgoing, friendly, and sociable, and they place a high value on social status and recognition. They may be driven by a desire to connect with others, make friends, and be seen as part of a group.

The sexual or one-to-one instinct is focused on our intimate relationships and our desire for intense, passionate connections with others. Those who are dominated by this instinct tend to be passionate, charismatic, and driven by a desire for intimacy and intensity in their relationships. They may be drawn to high-risk behaviors, thrill-seeking, and intense emotional experiences.

This is the meat of the episode and you will be left wanting more and needing to understand why you are the way you are or why people around are doing the things they do! It’s a fun episode, with lots of vulnerability and laughs at their own expense. If you like what you hear, please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to the show as we continue to grow with you!