The Business of Couplepreneurs with Ariel and Kyle

Episode 68 is upon us this week, and we are very excited to have Ariel and Kyle, who own and operate Couplepreneurs. This business is helping couples scale enterprises while getting their time back and helping entrepreneurial couples grow seven-figure businesses.
In this episode, Ariel and Kyle discuss some of the struggles that occurred along the journey of running a business together and having a relationship; one of the challenges was with what Ariel describes as “commander mode.” Wearing different hats, the spouse running a business, and how to transition and not taking things personally while trying to have a buffer time from working together and then going out for dinner on a date. Another struggle was competition; who was doing better in their business and whose business was more critical turned into a contest to who would take their valuable time to do the dishes and grocery shopping. They decided to assign roles; both are not the best at household chores, so they outsourced and hired a housekeeper and hired someone to meal prep meals. They were able to come to this decision with open conversation and communication. They also have a priority hierarchy; theirs goes God, relationship, health, and business; they use that priority for time management. For example, if it’s a Wednesday at 5 pm, they will pick health and go to the gym and then use that time to transition to relationship time after the gym. 

Next, the four talked about the ego and how they check it at the door. You must recognize that we all have an ego that can lead to conflict and know yourself and how you express yourself. Do you want to fight, or do you want to make money? 

Ariel and Kyle’s passion is to show the world that you can have a thriving relationship and business at the same time, and it can last, and it’s not a risk; it’s an asset. You are bringing two people together on the same mission, and they are driving in one direction. Yes, they touch on divorce; the grass isn’t always greener; it’s just a direction, and they reflect daily on how grateful they are for each other. Couples who work together can stay together.
Robyn asks her favorite question, advising your younger self; Ariel mentions that “you are not born to fit in relationships and business; you are born to stand out,” and Kyle’s advice is that the “challenges and struggles are just temporary; they take the stairs so they can offer the elevator.”
You will want to take advantage of this episode; it has valuable information for anyone who is just starting or has been in business for years. Please remember that if you like what you hear, like, share, and subscribe to help us grow. Enjoy. 

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