This book provides a lighthearted, yet realistic look at what starting a business with your spouse or significant other can look like. The authors leverage their personal experiences running an architectural salvage business to share professional advice, tactics of self-awareness and communication strategies that help partners to navigate the balance between home-life and work-life.

Book Reviews – Here’s What People are Saying

“We both read it from cover to cover unable to put it down and found myself going from laughing out loud to tearing up. It was like looking in a mirror because of the similarities between my wife and I in our working & living together. Loved the Canoe/Trailer tests. We will be using the gems that we found in this book to help us reset and improve our lives together and they will help us to grow even more in our personal and business lives. It’s a great read for everyone even if you don’t work together in your own business.”

Lee & Kelly Hodgins, Franchisees, COBS Bread Okotoks, Legacy & Shawnessy

“Great read. I enjoyed the practical approach to communication and problem solving. The stories were very relatable and inspiring, and I look forward to attending future events by business life of husband and wife!”

Lindsey Greenway

“This book was just what I needed to boost my business. It was also so much more entertaining than any other business book I have read.”

Reanne Heuston, Pest 2 Pet Inc.

“If you and your spouse are considering getting into business together, this book is a must. Tons of insight into how to make it work that you might not have thought of before. Easy to read and had me laughing throughout! Recommend!”

Cheryl T

“Candid and fun insight into working with your partner with some great antidotes.”

Helen Claridge