Startup 101

We switch things up for episode 43 on the Business Life of Husband and Wife Podcast. The Pigeons welcome current team member of Two Birds and owner of Slough Shark Industries, Drew Hoover. As we move through season one, we have spoken a lot about the blood sweat, and tears of entrepreneurship, but we haven’t discussed the HOW! In this inverted episode, the owner of Slough Shark Industries asks some pointed questions about how and why Clint and Robyn started their own business, the goal setting involved, the networking to get clients in, the monetary expectations, and more importantly how to ensure “I don’t lose my wife” with the hours involved! All joking aside, this is a fresh information-packed episode for all those in the ‘startup” stage. From mission statements, accounting, liabilities, and what the true expectations should be are all jammed packed into Episode 43.  

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