Setting Yourself Up for Success with Clint and Robyn

New intro music, new season, new year, and a new format to the show, what a great way to start Season Two. The podcast has added a fourth element, where Clint and Robyn go over specific ideas that they think are valuable to them and you would benefit from as well.    

Season Two plans include incorporating a YouTube Channel so you can watch all of Robyn’s facial expressions when talking with Clint! The couple will also be holding a Crushing 2023 Event, which will focus on setting finances and raising capital in the non-traditional sense. A second event is also going to take place, based on the book by Colin O’Brady, a 12-hour walk with NO technology. Instead, have a conversation with the people around you.   

In this first episode of Season Two, Clint and Robyn talk about setting goals for 2023 and developing habits to achieve them. Habits are what you can control daily and are formed when you want to create that discipline. Set a habit once a day and be consistent about implementing it into your daily life. You should also check out the Goals to Action Plan in the value-added section on the website. This sheet will make the goal-setting process even more accessible. You need to set your habits; they will keep you from deviating from your goals. The patterns that you make are more important than actually attaining those goals. Andy Frisella says it perfectly when he says, “You are a result of what you did 90 days ago.” Do everything with intention. We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you like what you hear, please like, share and subscribe to help us grow. 

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