Roofing, Relationships, and Rock N Roll

Today on the podcast Business Life of Husband and Wife, we have Keith and Trisha Arsenault from Guns N Hoses. In the 48th episode, the four discuss how they got the name Guns N Hoses. The attention-seeking company name did come with some challenges with trademarking its name and logo. Although this is a topic that Clint and Robyn have yet to discuss on the podcast, there is a wealth of knowledge that is brought forward. It was quite the process, very time-consuming and expensive, but worth it in the end. The trademarking process took about 18 months, and had to get lawyers involved. However, the process got me curious, so I researched some steps to trademark your company name in Alberta. 

How to apply  

Step 1: Choose a business name. Although there are a few restrictions on a business name, you should choose your name carefully.  

Step 2: Get a Business Name Report. This step is recommended but not mandatory.  

Step 3: Fill out the forms.  

Step 4: Take your Alberta registration information to a service provider.  

Guns N Hoses mission “is to build strong relationships with our family of clients, team members, and vendors while continuing to provide innovative services and exceptional, unique experiences.”  

Also discussed in the episode is expansion; Guns N Hoses expanded in 2012; at one point, they were operating out of their home, but as they grew, the house was no longer suitable. When creating their mission and core values, they got the whole team involved because it was imperative to include everyone in the process. Lastly, Robyn asked her favorite question if you could give your younger self advice, what would it be? Tricia’s motto is “live life to the fullest everything happens for a reason, even has it tattooed on her body. Keep following your heart and gut because everything does happen for a reason, don’t second guess yourself. Keith’s advice is to trust the process. This episode will have you laughing and learning, which is a win-win. If you like what you hear, please like, share, and subscribe to help us grow.

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