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Welcome back! to a milestone episode of the podcast “Business Life of Husband and Wife.” For 75 episodes, Clint and Robyn have been providing practical advice and engaging conversations, couples through the intricacies of building and operating businesses together. In this special episode, they had the pleasure of interviewing Gina and Steve Smith, the dynamic duo behind Okotoks’ Retro Oasis—a local arcade and locked room space that offers endless fun for all ages.

Gina and Steve Smith have created something truly extraordinary with Retro Oasis. This location brings together the nostalgia of arcade games and the thrill of locked room experiences, making it a haven for fun and adventure in Okotoks. With over 20 different games and two rotating locked rooms, Retro Oasis promises an immersive and exhilarating experience for anyone who walks through its doors.

During the interview, Steve shared his passion for games and his courageous decision to leave the corporate world behind in pursuit of a business that aligned with his true interests. His enthusiasm for providing a space where people can reconnect with classic arcade games is evident in every aspect of Retro Oasis. Gina Smith, with her previous self-employment experience, joined forces with her husband in this exciting new venture, adding her unique skills and perspectives to the mix.

Clint and Robyn’s conversational style in the podcast episode allowed for deep and insightful discussions with Gina and Steve about their experiences as business owners and partners. The episode delves into the challenges and rewards of running a business as a couple, offering valuable insights into effective communication, work-life balance, and supporting each other’s entrepreneurial aspirations.

As we celebrate the 75th episode of “Business Life of Husband and Wife,” the interview with Gina and Steve Smith serves as a testament to the possibilities and rewards that come with building a business as a couple. It reminds us that with dedication, effective communication, and a shared vision, couples can navigate the entrepreneurial journey together while fostering a thriving relationship.

Tune in to this remarkable episode and gain valuable lessons on achieving harmony in both business and love. Clint and Robyn continue to inspire and educate couples worldwide, making the daunting world of entrepreneurship feel more manageable and enjoyable. As you listen to their conversations, remember that success is within reach when you find the perfect balance between chasing your dreams and nurturing your relationship.

Join us for more insightful episodes of “Business Life of Husband and Wife” as Clint and Robyn guide you through the ups and downs of running a business with your significant other. The next adventure awaits, so grab your headphones and dive into the world of entrepreneurial partnership.

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