Ranches, Realtors and Relationships

This is the first episode with the YouTube channel; we are just learning, so go easy on us.   

Our guests on the podcast this week are JW and Heidi Robinson. Clint and Robyn had the pleasure of meeting the lovely couple in Nashville at an Arete Syndicate event back in November.  

In this episode, the four discuss Wyoming real estate, working ranches, personal growth, relationships, being a creator versus a consumer, and selling Kanye West’s Ranch. 

JW and Heidi have been married for seventeen years, “Land has been a focal point for most of JW’s life. A well-respected real estate broker and consultant since 2018 in the communities of Northwest Wyoming, he is frequently called upon as a builder, staff developer, ranch consultant, and horseback riding teacher. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, they offer a trustworthy experience to land owners with significant assets.”   

JW and Heidi talk about how they met and ended up where they are now. Both have teaching degrees, leading them to become ranch managers and get their real estate licenses. JW focuses on luxury real estate with a more significant price tag, and Heidi is residential.   

They also discuss how they operate differently but complement each other nicely. For example, JW puts the pedal to the medal, constantly exploring new opportunities, whereas Heidi is very analytical; JW dives in, and Heidi always does a shoulder check first.   

They have three kids ranging in age from fifteen to eight years old. Their kids are good motivation, and they want to provide them with the tools and set a good example for them. So, they are getting the kids to create something instead of consuming it. They want them to be creating content that they are passionate about. And it doesn’t matter if you get a few likes, or have many followers as long as you develop/create something. 

JW did some consulting for Kanye West when he bought his Ranch and Commercial properties, and then after that was all said and done, Kayne contacted him to sell his Ranch.

The couples touch on customer care/client care and how essential communication and building trust when providing exceptional service.

Some advice from the Robinsons is the ability to say NO to other people; you don’t need to be everything to everybody. “Don’t let your mouth hurt your back,” and trust your instinct. 

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