Q&A With Clint and Robyn

Today on the Podcast Business Life of Husband and Wife, we have a Q&A episode with Clint and Robyn, where you ask, and we answer. In episode 67, we discuss how we divided responsibilities and tasks within the business, finding a system that works for everyone. At times it can be difficult to be on the same page with tasks and communication, but ensuring everyone knows where the information can be found is key. It’s all about preparation using the same language. Also mentioned is making decisions in your business; some of the tips that Clint and Robyn recommend would be to teach each other cues such as watching behavior, movement, or facial expressions. These cues can be beneficial because there can be a tendency to become disconnected when working together regularly. 

The two discuss stress management in this episode and how scheduling one thing a day that is “just for me,” which Robyn says are her non-negotiables. Whether taking the dog for a walk, going to the gym, or reading a book. Robyn will not sacrifice the stress relievers, whereas Clint doesn’t think about stress.   

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