Q & A with Clint and Robyn

Bonus episode 39 is conducted by Drew Hoover, who asks the questions you have all submitted in his silky-smooth radio voice. Like always, Clint and Robyn answer your questions very honestly.   

In this episode, we discuss the challenges and obstacles that Clint and Robyn have encountered with the podcast’s first season—giving advice to their younger self, intriguing podcast guests, being honest with each other, and their goals and dreams. In addition, you will hear about the second book in the works, expanding their businesses, and how much Clint and Robyn love giving back to the community. “We have nothing to lose and just need to do it.”  

Sit back and listen to the two discuss the ideas behind their Crushing 2023 event, focusing on raising capital, financial education, and how to get your idea off the ground. Have a pen ready, as they offer book recommendations and podcasts to check out to help you in your business ventures.

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