Overcoming Obstacles Outdoors

Joining us on the podcast today, we have Claude and Michelle, the owners and operators of Kananaskis Outfitters.  Kananaskis Outfitters offers “guided tours and excursions for all ages and abilities.  As the local experts in Kananaskis with eight years of guiding in the valley, we strive to deliver high-quality, educational, interactive, and fun experiences.
Tours range from summer to winter, land to water, and group to private to customized experiences for six to 150 people.”

When Claude and Michelle started working together, they became first-time parents, trying to run a business together.  They hadn’t been together for a long time; it was challenging for the couple, but they overcame it.  They each have different strengths, which makes the working relationship very helpful.  They are respectful of each other and their role in the business.

Claude and Michelle encourage other small business owners to make a strategic plan every three years.  Also included in the episode is how they deal with the unknown, and when you are a new business owner, it will be more difficult for your first few years of business until you know what your customers want.
Claude’s advice to his younger self is, “don’t stress too much; it can all be worth it, and you will see your investment of time payoff.”
Michelle’s advice is to DREAM BIG; they started small but grew organically and slowly, which was great because it was very manageable – jump in headfirst and utilize your resources, just go for it.

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