Jenny’s Top 5 Picks To Listen To From Season 1

I have been tasked with picking the top five must-listen-to episodes on the Business Life of Husband and Wife podcast season one.  It was not an easy task; there is incredible value in all 52 episodes, no matter what stage you are at.  We will start at five and work our way to number one.  Remember, this is my opinion; the downloads tell another story.

#5 Cash Flow Basics with Robin Mitchell, Episode #17

This pick may not be a super exciting topic, but it is one that you must pay attention to.  I like how Robin breaks things down into simpler terms because we all know that accounting and anything to do with finances can be tediously complicated.  In this episode, Robin speaks on several key elements one needs to understand to start and grow the business.  “Financials are the story of the business” is just the start before diving into P & L, cash flow, and the difference between incorporating vs. proprietorship. 

Take a listen so you can find out “if you are running a business to fund a lifestyle or to make the company more significant than yourself.

#4 The Power of Promotion with expert guest Randy Brown Episode #51

Yes, this is my husband for anyone who knows me, BUT that is not why I picked this episode as #4; he would say why am I not #1.  Staffing shortages are a hot topic and are happening everywhere.  Randy offers some tips and tricks he does with his staff to make them feel valued; every workplace is different; this is a must-listen-to episode if you have staffing issues.  Pour yourself a bourbon.  You won’t be sorry.

#3 Cross O Meats with Derek and Jessica Wilson Episode #44

I picked this episode as #3 because of the crazy business adventure they have been through, and I also love what they do.  I am very aware of where all my food comes from and what they do is so essential for the present and future generations.  This couple shows resilience, and it was amazing to hear their story.  Derek and Jessica Wilson are owners and operators of Cross O Meats in Idaho.  Cross O Meats have been in business for three years.  They both had corporate jobs, made a great living financially, and had their dream house when a family death changed their whole world

#2  Business Law 101 with Toni Mcleod Episode #24

This episode I learned a lot from Toni, and I thought it was another thing that often new business owners forget about; this episode contains the basics of startup for business owners: how to structure your business shares, when is the best time to incorporate, the difference between tradename and trademark, what is a minute book and what makes up the contents of the book and how to protect your sweat.  Toni suggests having meetings with both your accountant and lawyer in the boardroom.  Do not be intimidated by a lawyer who wants to help get you where you want to be.  So don’t be a chicken and listen to this episode 24.    

#1 Social Media and Branding Expert Cayla Eskesen Episode #10

I picked this episode as #1 because I listened to it more than once for help; Cayla made things easier to understand in that oh-so-complicated world of social media and branding.  Cayla works for Community Futures, and I have had the privilege of receiving help from the organization.  Cayla is an expert in social media content; Cayla brings a wealth of knowledge surrounding the dos and don’ts of creating your social media content.  This jam-packed episode includes what Community Futures can do for you and your business.  So, take a break from the funny cat videos and listen to how you can turn social media into your go-to marketing strategy. 

 I hope that you have enjoyed season 1 and all 52 episodes.  Be on the lookout for season 2.  Happy New Year to all