HSE – It’s Just Common Sense!

Today Elizabeth Martin joins us on the Business Life of Husband-and-Wife Podcast. Elizabeth discusses all things HSE with Clint and Robyn. Elizabeth has worked at substantial companies, medium enterprises, and a few smaller businesses.  

For small businesses, Elizabeth began to expand her role and business interests while also seeing how connected different facets of a company are.  

Elizabeth has diversified her role and skill sets. As a result, she is eager to connect with businesses to share what she knows and to impact a shift in overall business culture and HSE management. 

In this episode, Elizabeth talks about policy and procedures, having your documents in place, and identifying areas you can improve. So many people are nervous when dealing with Health and Safety because they are always worried about doing something wrong. Also in the discussion was the topic of IT involved in the trades; many great apps can be overwhelming, but they don’t do everything for you. How can you simplify, or is it making things more complicated?  

Checklists are only good when they trigger critical thought when automation is not accomplishing the task.  

Common sense is a product of your expensive plan, and we all don’t have the same common sense as you.   

Having round table discussions is an excellent way to get everyone’s input; it involves all staff members and provides feedback which may be difficult in a larger company but very doable in a smaller company.  

Steps and checklists   

  • Assisting where you currently are by talking to your crew.  
  • Communicate better and collaborate.   
  • Take some time – work itself out – what’s working and what’s not working  
  • Create conversation    

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