How to Create Content for Organic Growth with Expert Guest Natasha Ramdhanie

Today we have expert guest Natasha Ramdhanie to discuss tips and tricks for creating content for organic growth. “Her passion for helping small businesses drives Natasha; she joined the Community Futures Highwood team to help business owners in the community develop and implement practical digital tools to generate brand awareness and consumer engagement.”   

The first thing is “What is organic reach? On social media, organic reach is the number of people who have seen your content through unpaid distribution, i.e., without you putting a budget towards reaching a specific audience.”    

Organic reach is more about making high-quality content to reach your target audience; it looks different for everybody. Each platform is looking for something distinct. When you look at Instagram, any time you post a reel, that will get the most views as to publishing a static post of one photo. They want you to post content that is within the app.    

In this episode, Natasha offers pointers on being a better content creator by telling your stories. Small business owners are not natural content creators; it’s not realistic to get out of their comfort zone. Here is a trick to help with eye contact, put a sticky note over your face and look at the camera or if you have a tripod and using your phone to record, take a photo or a video of where you think you are going to stand, and make sure you are in the frame, where you are forced to look at the camera, not looking at yourself the whole time.   

Social media is a highlight reel; Tik Tok has changed, and people are more candid about mental health. However, an online presence is only sometimes a friendly place; many people might hesitate, and it opens you up to the good and the bad. Social media is forever. It’s easier said than done.    

You don’t have to have your face all over your social media; you can do Instagram stories which are gone in 24 hours; that would be a great way to incorporate practice.   

Video tips from Natasha are:    

  •  Be consistent with posting.   
  •  Use the apps to create the content.    
  •  Do not hop on trends because you want to get a million views.   
  •  Know your niche, how to talk to your audience, and what content they are looking for.   
  • Understanding what your brand voice is; understanding your brand is a must.    
  • Practice, practice, practice – 10,000 hours    
  • Be engaging. Talk to your audience, don’t talk at your audience; talk with them.    
  • Give them opportunities to provide feedback, for example, Q&A.   
  • If someone leaves a comment on your Instagram post bare minimum, go and like it, but if you have the time, go back and comment on it, it will encourage you to come back and keep commenting.    

We hope you got some added value in creating content for organic growth. Social media is a changing and challenging world that consumes much of our time, either indulging in the content or making it. You will want to catch this episode; get a pen and paper and prepare to write down some precious information. Please share, like, and subscribe if you enjoy what you hear to help us grow. 

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