Get The ‘F’ Outside

Today on the podcast, we are grateful to have Curtis and Melissa, from GTFO (Get The ‘F’ Outside). GTFO is more than just a clothing store; they are also mental health advocates.

Get The ‘F’ Outside mission “is to provide affordable quality clothing and accessories through our online store for people of all ages that enhance the overall outdoor experience and is visibly recognizable through the brand GTF Outside (Get the F* Outside). GTF Outside will also responsibly raise awareness of the mental and physical benefits of actively being outside all year round. We are working towards ending the silence around mental health.”

In this episode, we discuss mental health awareness, getting outside in nature, and what your reason is. Since they started GTFO, they have saved 100s of lives, and they meet up with others to get outside and interact. Also discussed in the podcast are start-up stories, separation points, the benefits of being outside, and how it can help one’s mental health. So, listen to the podcast, and if you like what you hear, please like, share and subscribe. 

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