Franchising Couples & KB

Welcome to Business Life of Husband-and-Wife Episode 2 With Special Guests Lee and Kelly Hodgins, franchise owners of Okotoks, Shawnessy and Legacy Cobbs Bread.

With both having a background in corporate franchise management in the restaurant business they have a solid understanding of the inner working of franchise operations but how did that work for them as couple?

In today’s episode we find out how they started, what influenced them to start and how the transition from employee to ownership of a business created challenges they had to overcome as couple, in finding a working dynamic between their two personalities while managing personalities, clients, staff, and family.

With great advice and tidbits from two individuals that have experienced both corporate and franchisee growth, today’s episode is about trust, constantly learning and adaptability! In their words – “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and “Tomorrow is a new day”

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