First Book Signing Event

“Book signings are more than just a golden opportunity to write your names on paper, they are a commemoration of the book even having existence, why not make a big deal about it.” 

Clint and Robyn were able to check off a bucket list item this past month….their first book signing at Chapters/Indigo Cross Ironmills location! 

They were very excited to be at this location and had some great staff to assist them. A big thank you to Karen, Cameron and Kassi for getting us all set up and able to make this happen. At the same time Clint and Robyn were a little nervous about the book signing event, what if no one shows up. But the reality is book signings are a lot of fun, interacting with the public. Maybe even meeting people that haven’t read the book but are interested in making the purchase and talking with you about it. Many authors are hesitant to try a book signing for the fear of no one showing up. It often takes years of exerting oneself before the reader comes across you so be tolerant.  

While setting up for the book signing, Clint and Robyn were able to start their Business Life of Husband and Wife Tik Tok by adding videos that you can check out on their newly added account @bizlifeofhusbandwife 

Clint and Robyn are hoping to be continuing book signings at other Chapters/ Indigo locations as well as other bookstores in the area. We hope to see you all soon!

Clint & Robyn