Finding Purpose and Personal Growth with Angela Bradford

Today we have a special guest Angela Bradford joining Clint and Robyn on the podcast. Angela grew up in a small town in Alberta, has had a variety of jobs, and is now a senior marketing director with the World Financial Group. She opened multiple offices and has started expanding into two countries. Angela discusses with Clint and Robyn how everyone has a purpose and that our purpose/goal often changes throughout our life. The three talk about how to set boundaries and how “things happen for us, not to us.” Angela was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, and it has caused her to redefine her life for the better; it has made her question what she can learn from it, how she can move forward, and how she can use it as her story because our mess becomes our message. Angela mentions that we need to invest in ourselves because if we don’t, who will invest in us? The biggest takeaway is that you have to take care of yourself to take care of others. If Angela’s story can help one person, it means the world to her. This episode is full of motivation and inspiration so if that is your jam, please like, share, and subscribe! Spread the word about the podcast to help us grow. 

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