Digital Nomad Couple

Episode 40!!!!! We are ¾ of the way through season one. Times fly when you are having fun and meeting a lot of fantastic business owners who want to share their stories.   

Today on the podcast, we have Austin and Monica, “a husband-and-wife duo that loves talking about anything related to business, relationships, and travel. They are a digital nomad couple with a thriving online business.” Like the Pigeons, they also have a podcast called “Profitable Nomad Couple.” They share “practical tips and tricks for growing and scaling an online business, connecting deeper with your partner, and finding the courage to do it all while traveling to your dream destinations.” 

In this episode, Clint and Robyn ask the questions that we all want to know from a traveling couple. Such as favorite locations, how this all started, hurdles, challenges, advice, learning curves, and finances. 

The four also talked about how they got the courage to take the plunge into this desirable lifestyle and what some of the most significant stresses (finances) have been, how they work together, separation points, how they handle disagreements, and fear of judgment.    

Some of the most significant advice from Monica is, “you have the power to be successful; just do it” We hope that you find some value in this episode, and if you do, please like share and subscribe.

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