Cushing 2022 Event

Clint and Robyn hosted their first event a few weeks ago, Crushing 2022. Crushing 2022 was an opportunity to celebrate the success and “wins” of the year for all those in attendance 

Crushing 2022 was conducted at The Point, located in Okotoks, Alberta, a fantastic venue. The catered dinner was by Soul Sugar Catering, which was delicious, and was accompanied by beer from the newly opened Big Beaver Brewing.  

After a lovely dinner, the two fantastic guest speakers took the stage. The night started with Kelli-Rae Tamaki, who spoke about the Three Pillars of Business and had valuable information and advice. The audience asked excellent questions, and attendees walked away with promo codes for valuable business information from her website.  

Next up, Angela Bradford spoke on Finding Your Purpose and Personal Growth. Angela has a wealth of knowledge, great advice, and a very inspiring story. By the looks on the guest’s faces, it seemed everyone thoroughly enjoyed the information!  

The night ended with the guests mingling and networking with other local business owners in a very relaxing setting. The event’s goal was to supply precious information to business owners and entrepreneurs, which we believe was surpassed once it was all said and done!  

Be on the lookout, as the Business Life of Husband and Wife duo will be looking at building off of Crushing 2022 with a similar event in the new year!