Cross O Meats

Episode 44 takes place over Zoom with the lovely couple Derek and Jessica Wilson, owners, and operators of Cross O Meats in Idaho. Cross O Meats have been in business for three years. They both had corporate jobs, made a great living financially, and had their dream house when a family death changed their whole world.   

Let’s go a little into The Cross O Ranch; “it was established in 1890 and had five generations live in the same house at the exact location. After Dave Wilson’s death, a fourth-generation rancher, his children were forced to make life-altering decisions. The ranch is one of the oldest family-run ranches in Idaho, which was on the verge of being sold to a developer, and they didn’t want their legacy to die. So, they had to take on massive debt to keep the ranch going, and they also had to change how things had always been done.” Voila, Cross O Meats was born.  

In this episode, the four talk about all the difficult decisions that Derek and Jessica had to make to get to where they are now, the hurdles and successes, what working together is like while raising their four kids, and their plans/goals. Some advice from the couple is “never to be scared to ask for help; It does not show weakness.”  If you like what you hear, please like, share, and subscribe to help us grow. 

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