Business Law 101 with Toni Mcleod

In this episode we are joined by corporate law expert Toni Mcleod of Mosquito Creek Law Office, located in Nanton Alberta. Toni’s law office is not a typical one, it has an office dog, hitching rail and an electric charging station to accommodate all modes of transportation in small town Alberta. This episode contains the basics of startup for business owners: how to structure your business shares, when is the best time to incorporate, the difference between tradename and trademark, what is a minute book and what makes up the contents of the book and how to protect your sweat. Toni suggests having meetings with both your accountant and lawyer in the boardroom. Do not be intimidated by a lawyer who wants to help get you where you want to be. So don’t be a chicken and listen to this episode 24. Check out the value-added section on the website for more useful information.  

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