Building a Brand with BFO Founder Aaron Ferguson

Today Clint and Robyn welcome Aaron Ferguson to the podcast! Aaron is a branding expert and Bullfighters Only (BFO) founder. Aaron grew up in High River Alberta “before moving to the United States to focus on his bullfighting career. He started the BFO brand, which grew into an organization that launched almost 70 shows in 2019”. He is currently a consultant “producing revolutionary content, events, and products for companies in sports, entertainment, fashion, technology, and beyond.”   

 In this episode, Clint and Aaron discuss how finding your niche in the market is one of the essential parts of starting your business. They also talk about being on a budget and how sometimes building it yourself using a graphic designer is the way to go. Being creative with minimal up-front costs to generate an income and a profit is very doable. Finally, Aaron gives excellent tips on building your brand and always having someone on hand whom you can trust. So, sit back and listen to all the information and tools Aaron and Clint talk about in this informative episode. Don’t forget, if you like what you hear, please share, like, and subscribe to help us grow.

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