Bears, Boulders and Blisters with Jesse and Michelle

Gearheads Jesse and Michelle from Geartrade join us on the podcast. The four discuss how Geartrade came into fruition, the purchase of the business, what their biggest hurdles are and how they decompress. Geartrade is “Canada’s destination for NEW backcountry hiking and camping gear. Offering a selection of ultralight, brand name and house brand equipment to help prepare for your next adventure.” Clint, Robyn, Jesse and Michelle speak about the West Coast Trail, learning curves and being only 3 months working together as a husband-and-wife duo. Take a listen to episode 33 as it won’t disappoint, and possibly help Clint catch the 3rd squirrel running around in his head… poor Robyn. Advice from Jesse.. stop making the same mistakes over and over while Michelle’s is take time to celebrate the smaller wins. If you like what you hear please like, share and subscribe to help us grow.  


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