Business Owners by Day…Husband and Wife by Night

The Husband and Wife Duo!

Clint and Robyn Pigeon are entrepreneurs who each ran their own business prior to meeting and getting married. In 2013 they started a new venture together that started in a ten-by-ten-foot basement room that has since grown into a multi-city operation creating half a million dollars a year in income.

Clint’s Story

At 17 Clint started his first company during the summers between skipping high school classes and throughout his 4 years of university. He graduated with a degree in business management in 2011 from the University of Lethbridge. At that time he diversified his interests and pivoted his first business from a seasonal (outdoor) venture to a full time manufacturing and supply business in 2012. And that startup has transitioned into what Two Birds is today and led to the start of two other companies, as well as writing a book.

Robyn’s Story

Robyn’s career as an entrepreneur started quite early, when her dad took her and her brother into a local ATB branch when she was just 12 to apply for her first loan for the purchase of a small herd of cattle. This was a short term loan, to be used for the purchase and feed for the cattle for the season, followed by a trip to an auction at the end of the year. Turning a small profit after this experience, inspired Robyn down a path of self-employment to entrepreneurship. Robyn started her first official company in 2001 as an equine sports therapist in the Calgary, AB area. This was a rewarding career that she held for more than a decade and a half travelling throughout North American to service her clientele. Wanting to create an opportunity for more exponential growth, pushed Robyn (and new partner – Clint) into creating a new business plan together. Supplementing the start up through her other business (as well as Clints) allowed for Robyn to make the transition from self-employed to a small business owner. Constantly looking for more knowledge and growth opportunities, Clint and Robyn have three businesses under their belt at this point – and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

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